Monday, January 21, 2013

Alex 11

It is actually five days to Alex' 1-year birthday, but it's still 11 months:), so here comes what we have achieved by now. It's going well at vuggestue. Alex had been sleeping from around 10 am til 1 pm (I used to take him home around 1-2 pm), so I asked them to move it to 11 til 2, because I cannot put him to sleep anyway if he wakes up first at 1 pm. It went well, he was still tired at 5 pm, but I think it works better than 10-1 scheme. We tried it twice and then Alex got sick: fever, running nose, he is tired, so he has been at home today. He falls asleep himself for night sleep in his bed at Max' room but wakes up two hours later. So I take him then to our bed where he wakes up a few times during the night. He crawls on all fours, gets up, stands up sometimes without leaning to something, moves along the sofa. He is a huuuuge daddy fan. "Papa" is officially his first word:) He eats pretty much all, but at the moment it's limited to oatmeal porridge as he is sick and picky. He liked for some time meat, sausage, fish frikadeller, rugebrod med leverpostej, but not so much any more. Great boy and we all love him a lot.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Alex 10

We just returned from a great vacation in Marsa Shagra with a large amount of beautiful pictures. Alexander can crawl on all four, sit, clap hands and on Nov 30 he got his first tooth. Allan miraculously puts him to bed without crying or spending lots of time with him (already twice), but Alex still wakes up many times during the night and therefore sleeps in our bed with me. Tomorrow or day after tomorrow he will go to vuggestue again where he spends a few hours, usually 9 am til 1 pm. We brought a christmas tree yesterday and put some christmas decorations around the place and Max gets a present every day or two in his stocking. Today it has been snowing heavily and at the moment Allan and Max are at the falck station at julefest while Alex is asleep in his pram outside (feeling not quite well, could be because of the teeth).

Monday, November 05, 2012

Alexander 9

Alexander has started in vuggestue. We take it easy and today is the third day and I put him to bed outside in the vuggestue's carriage. After that the plan is I will change him, we say good buy and go home. He has otherwise learned to crawl forward, sometimes on his four, he began to sit down and sit straight and he is very good at stand up and sometimes he can even move his feet. Yesterday I managed to make him fall sleep ( night sleep) on his own. I just sat on Max' bed and watched a movie on my laptop with a little sound on. And it worked. Then he slept for three hours. He woke up often after 2 o'clock though, so there's still way to go to perfect night sleep. He eats a lot of what we eat but I just mashed it with a fork. For the vuggestue, it's going to be porridge, I think, and a banana for afternoon snack, to begin with. His weight is around 9,4 and length is 74cm.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Alexander turned 8

Alexander's weight is around 9 kg. He can crawl on his tummy (learned to do it about a week before his 8 months' day). He can raise himself to some higher objects like the shelf with a garbage bag :). He still has sleep issues at night, that is, he wakes up every two and early morning every hour to be nursed back to sleep. At around 4-5 he can be so awaken that it takes around half an hour-forty minutes to put him back to sleep. In contrast to that, his day sleep is great: two good naps, one at 9-ish in the morning and another one at around 13-13.30 pm. We got a spot i vuggestue from November 1 but whether he starts that day or later depends on when I start working. We had a navngivning fest for Alexander at Dragør Fort. It went very well and the boys got lots of gifts. Alexander gets havregrød in the morning (Max and Alex share one), hirseflagergrød after his first nap and then cooked vegetables at around 17.00. Max and Alex get along very well, it a pleasure to see how loving Max can be to his brother and fun to see how excited Alex becomes when he sees Max :).

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alex 7

The post is about Alexander, but let's start with his elder brother. Maximilian got børnesår and was that close to not going to koloni 29-31 august with the storgrupppe i børnehave. That would have been sad. Luckily the teachers thoughts the same and he was allowed to join :). Big boy: going to spend three days and two nights in Ulse without his parents. Alexander is growing. He is around 8,7 kg. He gets hirseflager porridge after his first nal and mashed carrots for dinner. He has two good naps during the day and is easy to put to bed in the pram and sleeps lovely outside. His night sleep is more complicated: he wakes up very often and can fall asleep again only if nursing/sucking the breast. So, I am trying to diminish the amount of times he wakes up to two. I nurse him and then put him into the pram carrier and rock it on my knees til he falls asleep. If he wakes up half an hour later, I wait with giving him the breast and simply rocks the carrier again trying to help him fall back alseep without the breast. I think it works but I need more time to be sure :). Alexander still pushes himself back on his arms, but also rock on his four and sometimes also lifts his leg or arm while standing in this position. Funny to see :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Alexander - 6 month

Wow! Imagine half a year ago and a bit more he was still inside me and now he is already that big. Alexander is a strong guy, he rises on his arms and raises his body, sometimes all the way to the toes. If there's no resistance from his bare legs or feet, he pushes himself back and this way quite far away from the toys that have been just in front him :). Sometimes he manages to end up on all four where he stays for a few seconds rocking his body. We started on rismelgrød same day he turned 6 months. He's still learning to swallow :). And a piece of apple that he chews kind of, sucks the juice and enjoys all in all. 6 months made a change on his sleeping rhythm: he can sleep from 20pm til 23pm without wakening in contrast to before when he waked up almost every hour. Sometimes he can have 3 day naps, sometime only 2 and the latter is not preferable as then he is awake from 14-15 til 20 and that's simply too much. He gets very tired at around 18 and we have to keep him awake til 20pm. I am thinking to push his naps more to the middle of the day and to leave just two to naps, this way to balance his day naps. He is very cheerful, smiles a lot, a lot to his dad and Max. Love my boys!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Alexander 5 months

8,5 kg, 67 cm and a vaccination in the both thighs - that's the results of today's visit to the doctor. Besides that, Alexander learned to turn to his tummy (4 months 29 days), but is not that keen on doing it. Two days ago we came back from our one-week vacation at Malta (it was great). It ruined Alexander's daily routine completely, but we are learning it again.